Mrs. Richelle L. Fry Skinner

Founder and Executive Director

Richelle Fry Skinner, Founder and Executive Director of the Stomp Out Breast Cancer Foundation is a 17-year, two-time breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed in 2003 with Stage III breast cancer, Richelle completed 3 years of active breast cancer care which included, a lumpectomy, 2 rounds of radiation, 2 rounds of chemotherapy, and a mastectomy.  During her healing journey, she continued to seek ways in which she could support women diagnosed and share her personal journey.  One area that continued to perplex Richelle was “what do women in breast cancer treatment do if they are not financially stable”. Retrospectively, she determined that over the 3 years of active treatment and the subsequent aftercare, the out-of-pocket expenses as well in the thousands.  The out-of-pocket expenses included medical co-pays, prescription co-pays, dietary needs, medical durable goods, and clothing.   Richelle and her husband, Gregory had full-time employment, both of which provided health care insurance, however, the out-of-pocket expenses were hefty.   

In 2012, Richelle led a group of women in hosting the first Stomp Out Breast Cancer Shoe Show and Awards Celebration.  This celebration awarded 3 women, who were journeying through active breast cancer treatment, with financial assistance to offset out-of-pocket expenses. 

In 2017, Richelle, a visionary leader, founded the Stomp Out Breast Cancer Foundation, a 501c3 charity in Denver, Colorado.  The Stomp Out Breast Cancer Foundation is empowered with knowledge, strengthened through action, sustained by community, and dedicated to working with African American women to promote breast health and support women living through the transformative diagnosis of breast cancer.  In Colorado, alone, black women die of breast cancer almost 30 percent more often than their white peers.  Richelle’s passion and compassion to support women in breast cancer treatment and encourage breast health have led her to collaborate with community-based organizations in Colorado. 

Did you know…

Chemotherapy treatment uses medicine to weaken and destroy cancer cells in the body, including cells at the original cancer site and any cancer cells that may have spread to another part of the body. Chemotherapy, often shortened to just “chemo,” is a systemic therapy, which means it affects the whole body by going through the bloodstream.

In many cases, a combination of two or more medicines will be used as chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Chemotherapy is used to treat:

  • early-stage invasive breast cancer to get rid of any cancer cells that may be left behind after surgery and to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back
  • advanced-stage breast cancer to destroy or damage the cancer cells as much as possible

In some cases, chemotherapy is given before surgery to shrink the cancer.

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